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How It Works

-Using a two-way mirror the guest's reflection is displayed live and interactive elements can be displayed on-screen inviting the guest  to ‘touch the mirror’ 
-Animations play to guide them to touch the screen and start the magic
-The reflective touch screen will activate the camera
When the photos have been taken your guests approach the mirror to leave a signature 
-Photos print in 6 seconds


Why Rent Our Photo Booth 

-It’s a totally a fancy concept that your guests will not have seen before at other weddings or events
-Fresh alternative to traditional photo booths & require less space making them ideal for all venues
-A full body photo ( show off all that wedding dress or outfit ) instead of just a upper body shot like our traditional photo booth
-Prints are super quality with a silk finish & the 6x4"(postcard size) 
-A selection of props for your guests to use and make a fool of themselves in the photos
-Great for intimate shots with 2-3 guests in each photo or big groups
-Red carpet runway
-Retake photo feature – This feature allows users to retake photos quickly and seamlessly, ensuring every user walks away satisfied.

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